Where to start?

Firstly, you need to have documented evidence of the ownership of the audio-visual content, and must have the right to protect the object of intellectual property based on an agreement or law.

Secondly, you need to detect a violation, for that you need to monitor and record the infringement by a method that will be recognized by Ukrainian court ( involving the third parties with special knowledge and experience).

Note: In criminal cases, it is also important to prove the intention of the offender to commit a crime, so you must warn the offender that it violates your rights, and only after that, record the violation.

Thirdly, you must believe that you can protect your rights and we will help you in that.

By joining Clear Sky Initiative you will get:

• Full access to the analytical information and practical experience of other participants in the Anti-Piracy Initiative;
• Get qualified assistance from proven partners to protect your rights;
• You can contribute to monthly updating of list of websites that violate participants intellectual property rights – blacklists.org.ua.

These are the main principles of Clear Sky initiative participants:

• Adherence to intellectual property rights: the author’s right to receive honest remuneration for its work. Respect for the resources and efforts put into creation of people’s works and understanding that illegal monetization in Internet limits the development of the audio-visual industry;
• Readiness to fight decisively for your product;
• Active participation in anti-piracy activities of the Clear Sky Initiative.

Principles can be changed and supplemented in the process of expanding the Initiative, changing social context or tasks of the Clear Sky.


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