Кіберполіція за заявою «1+1 медіа», «Медіа Групи Україна» і «Волі» відкрила провадження проти піратського ОТТ-сервісу

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Would it take less effort to teach from childhood up? Children and online piracy

The Great Britain Intellectual Property Office has been recently reported to introduce IP education into the UK school curriculum. From now on British subjects starting 7 to 11 years of age will be taught that piracy is theft. Educational resources include cartoon series Nancy and Meerkats with characters, such as Nancy, a French bull dog … Continue reading »

EU busy with its own antipiracy 301 list

Following suit of the US, the European Union is planning to draw up its own list of countries with serious intellectual property rights deficiencies. The list aimed at encouraging fight against piracy is based on polling survey of interested parties and might have implications for economic relationships among the countries. The a.m. initiative is part … Continue reading »

Cyber police shutting down pirated service iseehd.tv

The police have ceased operations of the resource involved in illegal broadcasting and rebroadcasting of TV channels including Russian TV channels banned in the territory of Ukraine. Criminal proceedings are reported to be launched on the case – as Mediasat correspondent was informed by the police press-service. The “iseehd.tv” service was phased down by employees … Continue reading »

European Commission Steps Up Fight Against Piracy

Last week the Commission in Brussels presented a series of new tools to protect intellectual property rights. The below mentioned four areas of activities are announced and in particular: supporting industry-led initiatives, including advertisers’ voluntary renunciation of advertising placement on piracy sites; application of blockchain-based anti-piracy technologies, detailed guidance on how the relevant current laws … Continue reading »

Lawyers to exchange practical experience in fighting piracy

A brief overview of basic innovations in current laws on issues of intellectual property protection was presented at Mediapravo (media law ) conference on November 21. The participants could also take part in the panel discussion “Fighting Piracy – Viable Possibilities” with Katerina Fedorova , Head of the Clear Sky Initiative acting as moderator. The … Continue reading »

Fight against the illegal use of an intellectual product

Rightholders have shown that in Ukraine it is possible to fight against the illegal use of an intellectual product and called to join On 18th of September 2017, as part of KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2017 the conference for rightholders “Fighting piracy in Ukraine: What’s done – What to do?” organized by the “Clear Sky” Initiative … Continue reading »


Ukrainian Anti- Piracy Association (UAPA) presents a new monitoring concept for advertising placement on online resources that give rise to right holders’ complaints . The innovation would help protect the advertisers, who despite their reluctance to finance the pirates, might just become the victims of technical imperfections associated with the online advertising placement. Moreover, the … Continue reading »

Fighting piracy in Ukraine: what’s done – what to do?

Fighting piracy in Ukraine: What’s done – what to do? September 18, 2017 the conference for rights holders will be held in frame of KYIV MEIDA WEEK. The event is a meeting place for business owners, top-managers and lawyers of Ukrainian and international companies that will provide practical solutions, promote constructive dialogue and joint decision-making … Continue reading »

Advertising market discussed changes to the Law in the part of “financing piracy”

on June 15th in Hub 4.0 a meeting of advertising market was held. It was arranged by All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, European Business Association, U.S. Agency for International Development USAID, Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association and “Clear Sky” Anti-Piracy Initiative. The event was opened by Maxim Lazebnik, CEO of All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, who recalled that any brand name … Continue reading »