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The full-fledged anti – piracy campaign has been under way the world over with the methods used being many and diverse and in particular : Advertising placement : software developers create special softs so as to prevent advertisements from getting into pirate sites given that advertising purchase tools are getting ever more automated. Veri-Site Certification … Continue reading »

(Українська) Світовий досвід регулювання

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(Українська) Відрізнити легальний контент можуть 26% користувачів

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Roscomnadzor after torrents

Torrent trackers charged with illegal video distribution are regularly monitored by ROSCOMNADZOR for changes of their IP addresses. This is evident from  updates to the blacklist registry of the sites subject to blocking from the territory of Russia. According to the registry’s unofficial copy some trackers are provided with new IP addresses from day to … Continue reading »

Microsoft unveiling center to fight cybercrime

As part of its efforts to establish the Safe Internet League Microsoft Corporation announced the opening of the Microsoft Cybercrime Center  for advancing the global fight against cybercrime. The Center will tackle crimes, such as malware, botnets, intellectual property theft.  Besides it will concern itself with child exploitation on the web. The Center  is  Redmond … Continue reading »

Online pirate sent to jail by English Premier League

The online pirate has been sent to jail for illegal screening of live Premiership football matches over the Internet. Having pleaded guilty to offences of fraud at a hearing in  September, Kevin Broughton, the creator and owner of the website illegally  screening the matches live  got a two year jail sentence at Sheffield Crown Court … Continue reading »

(Українська) Cуд обмежив доступ до фільму «Географ глобус пропив» на п’яти сайтах

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One of the world major torrent trackers forced to shut down followings US$110 mln. settlement with MPAA

On October 17  IsoHunt, one of the world’s major torrent trackers, announced its shutdown within the next seven days after negotiations held with  MPAA (Motion picture Association of America). According to the text of the pre-trial agreement entered into by representatives of the torrent tracker, on the one part, and of MPAA , on the other … Continue reading »

«Anti piracy law» coming to rescue online video market in Russia

According to the  report “Online Video in Russia” published by Ernst & Young (EY), Moscow’s Higher School of Economics (HSE), East-West Digital News (EWDN), comScore and  Tvigle the “antipiracy” law effective of August 1 has contributed to development of Russia’s online video. The data  for July 2013 provided  by  comScore at the official presentation of … Continue reading »

Precedent Set in Russia: Couple Convicted under Anti-Piracy Law for Posting Torrents

Moscow has become the scene of Russia’s first-ever criminal trial of the Internet users accused under   the   newly passed “anti-piracy act”.  According to “Pravo.ru” a  suspended sentence  of four years  is  rendered  to  the   Lopukhov   couple,  Andrey and  his spouse Anna,  for posting cartoons and  movies to the Web . “The court ruling involves a … Continue reading »