Intellectual Property Inspectors – within MEDT (Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine)

Seven officials within MEDT were appointed government inspectors in charge of intellectual property issues pursuant to a relevant order dated 27 March 2019. The names there listed were as below: Valery Zhaldak Director, Intellectual Property Department, Bohdan Paduchak, Deputy Director of the Department, Oleksiy Ardanov, Viacheslav Gavrylchyk, Inna Dmytrenko, Heorhiy Kanunikov, and Oksana Yarmolenko. Thus … Continue reading »

Three Online Pirates Jailed in Japan

Three guys in their twenties were jailed in Japan in January 2019. Their sentences ranged from three to four years behind the bars. The former student graduates operated a popular site committing unauthorized placement of the manga comics. This is how the Japanese government is trying to crack down on unauthorized reproduction and sharing of … Continue reading »

Gemius: Hiding Piracy Sites Audience Data from Research Statement

It is starting February 18 2019, that GemiusAudience majoring in Ukraine’s Internet audience research would start hiding the data on the audiences of sites from blacklists.org.ua. While all those sites would be accounted for in the general “Internet” node within the web sites Tree structure, it would not, however, be possible to analyze their audiences … Continue reading »

Partnership Principle – New Practice Introduced by Clear Sky

“Clear Sky” Initiative, a non – profit organization aimed at protecting intellectual property rights in the audio visual sphere, introduces a new practice and in particular: should any of the Initiative participants report “pirating” on the part of any pay television’s provider, other Initiative’s participants are entitled to terminate their relevant agreements with the said … Continue reading »

ARIN Wants Mandotary IP-address Whios Registry to Police Piracy

The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) asked Canada’s Government to require ISPs and other large companies to maintain a Whois database of IP-addresses and numbers. The database, which is already in place, covers recipients of large blocks of IP-numbers (companies, universities, competent authorities), not individuals. These numbers are not directly allocated to individual end-users. … Continue reading »

Asset Freeze – Court Ruling in Regards to Vinnitsa Provider – Suspect of MGU’s Copyrights Infringement

Once a thief is always, a thief and content thief is no exception and as such deserves punishment. Therefore, “Vin Asterik”, a private enterprise from Khmelnik did not get away with it and paid the price for illegal broadcasting of MGU’s channels. The Vinnitsa Court of Appeal affirmed the decision previously passed by the Municipal … Continue reading »

German Advertiser Possibly Facing Prison Sentence

Three employees of an agency that placed adverts on pirate sites have been handed suspended prison sentences in Germany. After brokering ad space on popular piracy portals including kino.to and iload.to, generating profits of more than 350,000 euros in the process, the individuals were found guilty of aiding and abetting copyright infringement. While there are … Continue reading »

Publicis – Contest Winner for the Best Anti-Piracy Public Service Advertising

It was on October 24 that Piblicis, an advertising group, was announced winner of the contest for the best idea underlying the intellectual property protection campaign. The a.m. results were announced at the Ukrainian Creative Week by the Clear Sky Initiative and All-Ukrainian Advertising Corporation (AUAC). The winning idea is based on the following insight: … Continue reading »

MPAA Granted ‘Dynamic’ Pirate Site Blocking Order in Singapore

The major studios of the MPAA have been granted a ‘dynamic injunction’ that will allow ISPs to thwart efforts by pirate sites to circumvent blocking orders. The Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents, Solarmovie, and dozens more sites are affected by the new ruling which was handed down by High Court in Singapore. Four years ago, Singapore became … Continue reading »

II Conference ‘Fighting piracy in Ukraine: What’s done – What to do. 2018’.

Clear Sky Initiative again gathered rights holders for the conference ‘Fighting piracy in Ukraine: What’s done – What to do.’ dated 2018 this time. The Initiative invited all those keen on intellectual property and they met on 19 September within the framework of Kyiv Media Week. Ukraine is able to and should follow the geek … Continue reading »