Cyber police shutting down pirated service iseehd.tv

The police have ceased operations of the resource involved in illegal broadcasting and rebroadcasting of TV channels including Russian TV channels banned in the territory of Ukraine. Criminal proceedings are reported to be launched on the case – as Mediasat correspondent was informed by the police press-service. The “iseehd.tv” service was phased down by employees of the division on crimes in illegal content trafficking within the Cyberpolice Department jointly with investigators within the Main Investigation Department of Ukraine’s National Police. The a.m. service has been operating over the last three years. Over the time the right owners have been most seriously damaged (in especially big amounts). Following a request of a certain TV channel the police have screened the service operations to finally conclude that the relevant resource used to broadcast and rebroadcast audio and video products without any effective documents permits issued by right owners. Therefore the police launched criminal proceedings pursuant to Ukraine’s Criminal Code and namely: P.2, Art.176 (Violations of copyrights and related rights) and P.2 Art 361 (Unauthorized interference in computerized operations). Authorized searches were made by cyber policemen at places of residence of the site administrators and owners. Besides, the searches were made at the service provider’s office premises containing the equipment items supporting the internet resource operations.
Following the investigative procedures computer & server equipment items were seized.
The equipment was delivered to a relevant center to be examined by experts as legally required. With the expertize being carried out, and results made public, the police would make decide on charges to be served , if any. The illegal site managers might carry a penalty of a six year imprisonment.



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