Lawyers to exchange practical experience in fighting piracy

A brief overview of basic innovations in current laws on issues of intellectual property protection was presented at Mediapravo (media law ) conference on November 21.
The participants could also take part in the panel discussion “Fighting Piracy – Viable Possibilities” with Katerina Fedorova , Head of the Clear Sky Initiative acting as moderator.

The lawyers shared their own expertise gained in the field , focusing on piracy and its evils, reviewing key changes in current laws (terms and definitions introduced, such as “piracy” and “cardsharing”; new content blocking procedures in Internet, criminal offences with their own body of the crime, such as cardsharing and/or piracy financing). The participants in the conference also referred to the worldwide experience in blocking procedures, to liability of intermediaries, balance of interests and ways to achieve them. Nor did they overlook important issues, such as personal data and work with them and essential changes in the Who Is system. They focused on possibilities to join in the piracy fighting process.
While commenting on the relevant issues Serhey Kropiva , Chief, Kyiv Cyberpolice Division, Cyberpolice Department of Ukraine’s National Police, said: “We send our employees to uncover persons involved in content distribution and sales on the ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) resources without right holders’ consent, placing illegal trade & service marks. We are siding against those who connect to rights holders’ or other companies’ operations actually stealing different contents via uses of special software and equipment. It is only logical that it is actually a painstaking work which calls for synergies between cyber police and right holders.”
The proper methods have been developed. Pooling our efforts, that’s what is relevant.
While summarizing the results, Katerina Fedorova, Head of the Clear Sky Initiative said: “Intellectual property protection mechanisms are available and they do work. What we have to do is to use them. Moreover, we have to realize: getting someplace is only possible if we start doing something. And if we start acting simultaneously in all directions and areas the results would not take long to come”.
Participants in the panel:
Pavel Mykolyuk, Director, Law Firm Vindex ,MGU Legal Representative on Intellectual Protection Issues
Viacheslav Miyenko, Deputy General Director for Legal Issues, 1+1 Media
Yekaterina Oleynik , Head, Ukraine’s Copyright Committee in intellectual property protection ; advisor, Arzinger JSC
Serhey Kropiva , Chief, Kyiv Cyberpolice Division, Cyberpolice Department of Ukraine’s National Police
Andrey Osipov, Attorney at Law, expert, Mass Information Institute, Advisor “Smartsolutions Law Group”
Aleksandr Paputsia, Attorney at Law, Partner, Director, Court Department “Smartsolutions” Law Group
Ruslan Shevchuk, Deputy General Director for Legal Issues, StarlightMedia Group.



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