Ukrainian Anti- Piracy Association (UAPA) presents a new monitoring concept for advertising placement on online resources that give rise to right holders’ complaints . The innovation would help protect the advertisers, who despite their reluctance to finance the pirates, might just become the victims of technical imperfections associated with the online advertising placement. Moreover, the new procedure would be a means for the advertisers to track – within a comfortable time frame – how and why their relevant brands have found their way to the sites responsible for intellectual property infringement and thus to resolve the problem.
UAPA represents the interests of right holders, such as the MPA (Motion Picture Association) member studios. It is since 2015 that UAPA has been monitoring sites, at fault for illegal content placement and in particular films owned by the MPA member companies, including also the sites giving rise to complaints by Ukrainian right holders – members of the Clear Sky initiative.
The previously used brand monitoring procedure was quite simple and namely: advertising on the sites deaf to the pleas to remove the illegally placed content was under thorough scrutiny in the course of a month. The procedure , however, did not allow to consider the advertising volume and technical specifications of players placed on such sites. It was only the screenshot with advertising itself that was registered and fixed in the monitoring.
Last month, however, we obtained feedback from the advertising market , informing us of such mediation forms where neither advertisers nor sales houses nor even video networks happen to place orders for advertising placement on certain sites but they somehow turn up there. This might be quite a minor ad view nearly occasional which can’t provide for the site financing.
All that said, a decision was made to change the monitoring algorithm which is still to be implemented on a monthly basis. All brands covered by the monitoring would be duly notified by e@mail or regular post thus giving advertisers sufficient time and possibility to amend the relevant advertising campaigns and brush up their media lists. If the reaudit still locates the same brand next month the advertiser would be notified again . The screenshots with the brand advertising so monitored for the second or third time running would be published on the UAPA site.
“Back in the day we did not know that the brand could end up there quite sporadically through a purely technical error. We do not want our monitoring procedure to be a means to harm the brand reputation, on the contrary we want it to be a helping hand to advertisers. But we are aware of the fact that a single monitoring fixation might be quite incidental but recurrent fixations – is already a problem to be addressed . Should that be the case, we would make it public”, says Vladimir Iling, Head, UAPA
The next monitoring , a reaudit, so to say , would be carried out in September in accordance with the list accessible on blacklists.org.ua for July.
It should be reminded that the Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association and the Clear Sky Initiative have created http://blacklists.org.ua service containing the list of sites giving rise to advertisers’ complaints . It is due to the service that the advertisers are in a position to monthly receive e@mails offering them up-to-date information on resources infringing intellectual property rights . And it is due to the service created that they are able to steer clear from reputational, financial and other risks.
“As you might be well in the know, a number of legislative changes have been introduced in Ukraine in spring . And they sure have implications for all and any companies engaged in advertising placement on-line. We would like to be of help to companies and advertising agencies so that they could be duly and promptly informed by the right holders and thus be able to independently track given brands advertisements on piracy resources and promptly response to that”, says Katerina Fedorova, Head, Clear Sky Initiative.
The service founders are planning to increase the number of rightholders concerned with the list making. A conference on “Fighting Piracy in Ukraine : What Has Been Done What To Do?” will be held on September 18 within the framework of the annual Kiev Media Week 2017. The event is meant to pool the efforts made by Ukrainian and foreign right holders with the aim to fight piracy so as to achieve the maximal results possible

Ukrainian Anti- Piracy Association (UAPA)- a public organization whose main goal is to meet legitimate social, economic, creative and other common interests of its members, assist in protecting the Association copyrights and related rights and to establish conditions required to strengthen intellectual property protection , and in particular related to the rights to audiovisual and other works.
Clear Sky Initiative established in 2013 with the aim to foster the legitimate audio visual products in the uanet and confront the sites distributing online content in breach of intellectual property rights. It has been launched by Ukraine’s four major media groups, such as 1+1 Media, StarLight Media, Media Group Ukraine and Inter Media Group.



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