Fighting piracy in Ukraine: what’s done – what to do?

Fighting piracy in Ukraine: What’s done – what to do?
September 18, 2017 the conference for rights holders will be held in frame of KYIV MEIDA WEEK.
The event is a meeting place for business owners, top-managers and lawyers of Ukrainian and international companies that will provide practical solutions, promote constructive dialogue and joint decision-making on further actions on protecting intellectual property rights.
Today illegal use of content and protection of intellectual property rights are the problems that many rights holders face with.
Furthermore, a number of questions follow. How to prevent the appearance of copyright material on a pirate resource? What if the intellectual property rights are already violated? How to fight piracy in Ukraine?
At the conference you will find out:
how the issue of intellectual property rights protection is covered by Ukrainian legislation
what actions are taken by the business
You will also get practical advice on fighting piracy, learn more about the specifics of monitoring and methods of preventing financing piracy. Moreover, we’ll talk about cooperation with search engines and international experience on fighting piracy by specific examples.
Participants of the conference “Fighting piracy in Ukraine: what’s done – what to do?” will also see the presentation of step-by-step instruction “What to do if your intellectual property rights are violated”.
Participation in the сonference is free of charge upon pre-registration. Number of seats is limited. Please fill out the application form below. 
All the applications will be reviewed by September 8. Organizers reserve the right to deny participant’s registration.
Conference for rights holders will be held on September 18, 14:30–18:00 at Hyatt Regency Kyiv, 5 Alla Tarasova Str., LONDON conference hall.



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