Another online movie theatre operation blocked by cyber police

Baltazar.org.ua, an online movie theatre, has been shut down by the Kiev prosecutor’s office and cyber police as reported by the capital’s prosecutor’s office press service.
“Operations of the piracy web site have been stopped by joint efforts of Kiev’s local prosecutor’s office № 3 and Cyber Police Department within Ukraine’s National Police. For a long period of time the site owners have been in breach of copyrights held by world famous MPAA member companies ” , says the report.
In the course of the search made at the site premises located at Desniansky District in Kiev the police seized the server storing the illegal content and other evidence of the criminal behavior.
The seized equipment was arrested by the Desniansky district court. Pre-trial investigation is in progress based on Ukraine’s Criminal Code,( Art.176) :copyrights infringement.
It is a reminder that on November 15 the cyber police stopped the operations of FS.TO deemed one of Ukraine’s major online movie theatres.
У Києві прокуратура та кіберполіція заблокували роботу онлайн-кінотеатру Baltazar.org.ua, повідомила прес-служба столичної прокуратури.



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