Owner with pirated content online theater FS.TO sent under house arrest

Prosecutors elected preventive measure does not satisfy, so they are going to appeal it.
The court sent under house arrest for the next two months on-line cinema owner with pirated content and with millions of viewers FS.TO Andrew Komlichenko. On Friday, April 21, with reference to the message TSN transmits BUSINESS .
One of Ukraine’s largest pirate site, Ukrainian Postal and Telecommunications unveiled last fall. Then law enforcement officers raided the offices and seized servers, but the evidence of the facts of crimes continue to collect until now. Resource for a long time gives users access to pirated copies of movies. To create the site had been involved about 19 people.
This is one of the most high-profile cases in recent years, copyright infringement, which came to court. At the same time, prosecutors elected preventive measure are not satisfied, so they are going to appeal against it. At the time of the investigation, according to them, the owner of the site is to be a pirate in custody with a guarantee of five million hryvnia. Prosecutor Alexander Strigunov convinced: “Sanction article provides for up to six years in prison, but the punishment of talk is premature. In my opinion, it is necessary to compensate for losses caused by the known foreign companies to each company knew that her rights are protected not only in their national legislation, but also the laws of the countries where their rights are violated or are affected because it is our image. ”
The police reported that the monthly sharing FS.TO earned from 500 thousand to 1.5 million hryvnia and close it could not for piracy, and for tax evasion.
As reported BUSINESS April 3 online FS.TO cinema opened on the new domain. Earlier it was reported that closed the largest Ukrainian torrent tracker.



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