Clear Sky Anti-piracy Initiative

Clear Sky  Initiative  has been launched by Ukraine’s four major media groups, such as  1+1Media , StarLightMedia, Media Group Ukraine and Inter Media Group  which in their turn represent the country’s TV channels, and in particular: Inter, 1+1, Ukraine, NLO TV, Indigo TV, Football 1/Football 2, STB, ICTV, Novy Kanal  , TET, M1, M2, 2+2, NTN, 1+1 International, Inter+, K1, MEGA, Enter-Film, K2, Pixel, Zoom, QTV, and the regional group, including: Donbass, Sigma, 34 channel  and OLL. TV – interactive and digital television service.

We foster the licensed video content marketplace in the uanet and confront the sites posting  the intellectual property  without the  relevant  right holders’ consent. We, therefore, invite the right holders to accede to the Initiative, join our efforts aimed at  revealing the Ukrainian on-line pirates  and make them known to advertisers, advertising agencies, web hosters , payment systems and all those concerned about the intellectual property infringement.

Clear Sky welcomes any newcomers joining the initiative if they favour the principles shared by its founders and in particular:

  1. Commitment to intellectual property, i.e. a product maker’s/creator’s entitlement to a proper  fee for their work; consideration for resources and efforts  invested with the aim to create a product; awareness that unlawful monetization on-line is a brake on progress in the audio-visual
  2. Willingness to firmly stand up for their product.
  3. Participation in the Clear Sky anti-piracy activities both within and outside the Initiative.

The a.m. principles may be subject to amendments and supplements in the course of an increase in the Initiative membership, any changes in the social context or challenges faced by the Initiative.

Advertisers, when placing you announcements have regard for legality of the relevant sites. Don’t deliver your budgets to the piracy sites even if at lower rates offered. They don’t actually bear costs for the content stolen.

Legal sites, enter into partnership with the Initiative. Cultivate your image – get an acknowledgement from the Initiative members that they have no claims against you.

Right holders, keep a close watch and make reports on content  snatchers.  It is only the right holders that are well and duly aware of any site reputation in terms of piracy.

We are always ready and available  for an open and constructive dialogue and call upon  all and any right holders to join the forces. We do believe   that it is through joint efforts and teamwork  that content makers and creators might reverse the situation and promote the lawful audio visual content environment.


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