Clear Sky Anti-piracy Initiative

Clear Sky Content Partnership is an initiative of four major media groups of Ukraine: Inter Media Group, 1+1 Media, Media Group Ukraine and StarLightMedia, represented by the television channels Inter, 1+1, Ukraine, NLO TV, Indigo TV, Football 1/Football 2, STB, ICTV, Novy Channel, TET, M1, M2, 2+2, NTN, 1+1 International, Inter+, K1, MEGA, Enter-Film, K2, Pixel, Zoom, QTV, regional group: Donbass, Sigma, channel 34.

The initiative was created in summer 2013 with the purpose to develop the internet market of the legal video content and to oppose the illegal distribution of the video in the web. The initiative offered the internet platforms an opportunity to use on special terms the legal content, the broadcasting rights to which are owned by the media groups. The content is supplied free of charge but only through the player of the media group holding the copyright to such content.

The content in the media player also contains video ads placed by the media group, and all advertising in the page is done by the platform itself. For the users of the partner websites the content of the Clear Sky copyright holders remains as free and accessible as before.

The type of content and its placement terms in each individual case will be the result of negotiations between the website and the media groups participating in the Clear Sky initiative. The partner platforms use different techniques of content placement from integration of video in text to full scale video sections and creation of telecontent cinemas.

Partners of the initiative:

telekritika.ua, megogo.net, gismeteo.ua, meta.ua, bigmir.net, online.ua, tochka.net, segodnya.ua, korrespondent.net, liga.net, obozrevatel.net, kp.ua, pravda.com.ua, vesti.ua, delo.ua, vgorode.ua, aif.ua, fakty.ua, oll.tv, champion.com.ua, tv.ua, football24.ua, footboom.com, hotsport.ua, terrikon.com, ua-football.com, football.ua, Sport.ua, footballua.tv, champion.com.ua

TV media groups websites: donbass.tv, 1plus1.ua, int.1plus1.ua, 2plus2.ua, ictv.ua, qtv.ua, zoomua.tv, enterfilm.com.ua, inter.ua, interplus.ua, k1.ua, k2.ua, m1.tv, m2.ua, megatv.ua, nlotv.com, novy.tv, ntn.ua, pixelua.tv, plus-plus.tv, stb.ua, kanalukraina.tv, footballua.tv, footballplusua.tv, smachno.ua.

About the Media Groups

1+1 Media is one of the major media holdings of Ukraine incorporating 5 television channels: 1+1, 2+2, TET, 1+1 International and a number of other media assets.

“Media Group Ukraine” LLC is a media holding established in 2010 incorporating national channel of general interest “Ukraine”, sports channels “Football” and “Football+”, regional channel “Donbass”, “Mediapartnership” sales house, “Digital Screens” company (oll.tv), “Tele Pro” production company and “Segodnya Multimedia” holding. 99.999% of the company’s shares are owned by “System Capital Management” group.

U.A. Inter Media Group Limited was established in 2005. It includes 9 television channels: Inter, Inter+, NTN, K1, MEGA, Enter-Film, K2, Pixel, Zoom and other media assets.

StarLightMedia incorporates six television channels (STB, ICTV, Novy Kanal, M1, M2, QTV), three sales houses, three production studios, two service companies for support of television/film production, and a division for online project development.

*According to the InMind research, August 2013, age 15-55+, cities 50+, audience 17,600,000 internet users in Ukraine.

  • Mondelez
  • Samsung
  • groupm
  • УАПА
  • Ukrainian Music Industry Association
  • Коаліція виконавців та продюсерів України
  • СТБ
  • Новий канал
  • ICTV
  • QTV
  • M2
  • M1
  • 1+1
  • 2+2
  • ТЕТ
  • ПлюсПлюс
  • ТСН.ua
  • Україна
  • События
  • НЛО TV
  • Indigo TV
  • Футбол1/Футбол2
  • Донбас
  • 34 канал
  • Сигма
  • Oll TV
  • XtraTV
  • Microsoft


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